Sep 12

Mountain Rescue

Seanie Civale ’14

My favorite Lodge memory—well I think it was type two fun looking back at it—was when the whole crew had a day off and had gone to the movies, and we came back and it was 11pm and we got a call that there were some hikers lost on the mountain. Because if it’s after a certain time or something, or they think that we can do the job, then Lodge Crew will get called to go to try to go find them. So the crew got called to try to go and find and rescue these hikers. It was me and the three other women on the crew who had to hike the mountain at 11:30 or 12 at night and ended up unable to find them and had to go up and down a couple of times. It was like 3 o clock in the morning when we finally found these guys. I think they were really embarrassed because they were thirty year olds, full grown men, and four very petite girls came to rescue them and brought them back down. There was always something going on, something was always a little off kilter, or people were coming through who you didn’t expect, I don’t know… there was always something.

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