Sep 12

New to the Mountain

Seanie Civale ’14

I think the biggest thing I hadn’t explored before being on Lodge Crew was the mountain itself. I actually hadn’t ever hiked Moosilauke before, which was crazy to everyone else on the Crew, who had done it before many times. So that was a crazy new thing to explore, and by the end of the summer, I think my favorite thing to do on the mountain was run down Hurricane Trail. There was a swimming hole at the end, so I used to do that run, it’s like five miles down hill, and at the end jump into the swimming hole. I developed a greater appreciation for how much the land around the Lodge affects it, and also how it’s a space not just for Dartmouth students, but a lot of other people. There was this one guy in particular, who used to come and eat breakfast every single Sunday morning. He was kind of an older guy. I was surprised he could even make it out there, but he would run up the mountain every single morning at six o clock and then come down and eat Lodge breakfast.

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