Main Room

The main room sits dark, tables ready to be set for dinner.

Main Room

Standing on the balcony, Lodge visitors can look out over the main room, tables ready to be set for a... read more →

Middle Table

A middle main room table frames fall foliage on the mountain.

Wall of Signs

Old trail signs covered one main wall of the main room, to the right of the fireplace.

Main Room Video

Thank you to the Dartmouth Digital Arts, Leadership and Innovation (DALI) Lab for helping us to create interactive panorama shots of... read more →


This fireplace was rumored to be built by one man from Warren. It would sit laden with decorations except for... read more →


If you climbed to the balcony, a new vantage point offers a perspective shot of the main room chandelier, flanked... read more →

Main Room

This room could fit upwards of 100 people for meals and could just as easily clear to be a dance... read more →